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Testimonials by Category 

   The People below are giving testimonials just as they
  come off the Biologically Resonant Harmonizer     
  You will notice that most of them seem like they are

  completely out of it and Very Groggy from there
  journey!  They Are!  They have just come back from
  a very deep soul healing.  They have released deeply
  seeded issues that remained with them,
  buried deep within there subconscious. No years of a
  Psychologist. No Psychiatric Drugs.  No additonal
  Inner Work.  Just relaxing onto the Healing Pad. 
  It is the sound,  in the way that it is delivered that is
  opening their chakras , activating these energy centers
  and allowing for them to instantly go into these  
  realms where Deep Inner Healings are taking place. 
  You will also notice that some of them are having a
  hard time at expressing what they just experienced.
  That is because they are having a NDE like place they
  go where reality is not the same as here.  The other side
  does not function like this 3d Reality,
  so we do not always have the words to fully explain what    
we experienced.


Emotional Release 5.jpg

30Years Nonstop Anxiety Gone in 7minutes

Extremely Deep
Emotional Healing

Deep Emotional Patterns
Released in 20 minutes

Alana's Profound
Journey and Healing
" I'm High "

Anxiety  *  PSTD  *  Childhood Trauma  * Recurring Dreams

37 Years of Non Stop Dreams Gone 1 Hour and Much More 

Release Blockage
w Energy Moving Up

Journey to other realms 6.jpg

Journeys to Other Realms

Orbs Begin Flying
Around His House!

Healer and Psychic
REALLY Enjoys Her Journey

She Sees The

 Profound Oneness Experience      & Dancing with Stars

Communicates With
His Departed Wife

Was Busy In Heaven
Doing Things.

A Message from Her
Departed Boyfriend
And Dog


She Traveled Home

Physical Healing Pain relief 3.jpg

Eyesight Healing After 
A Concusion 

Six Weeks Of
Lower Back Pain
Completly Gone In A Flash

Just 5 Minutes
And He Is Amazed At How He Feels

Pain Relief



Sciatica Relief


Gave Him
Energy Plus

Better than
Gave Pure

Deep Rest 4.jpg

Found Herself Floating
In A Peace / Healing

Watson has a
Consciousness Expansion
& Deep Peace

It Was Just Me
And The Oms

Ayahuasca Like

Lauren Felt LIke
She Was In The Womb

He Had Such Deep
Experiences, He Got
on 3 Times

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