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Our Mission:

Second Earth Foundation Ministries’ Mission is to help individuals realize their god given potentials and help remove the blocks of forgetfulness to remember who we are as eternal spiritual beings and why we came to earth on an individual and mass level. 

This is accomplished through learning, teaching and practicing different techniques that will move people into a higher more free form of expressing themselves and connecting with and realizing that God is within each individual.  


Our Creed

Second Earth Foundation is dedicated to the upliftment of the human spirit. We vow to educate, encourage, guide, and help individuals reach inside for their inner strength and power to

create a better life for oneself and the society in general.


We Endeavor to:

  • Create a movement inside each individual to be able to contact and keep in communication with the spirit of the universal God inside of each of us.

  • Connect with that power and knowledge that is us.

  • Learn that our answers are inside the individual and not outside of themselves.

While at the same time we live in a sea of this energy, this

life force that we are connected to, a part of, and one with,

but you can only perceive this from inside self.



We teach techniques that enable an individual to be in communion with the universal spirit of life that we call God. Each person’s path is uniquely created for them and life

brings those lessons to each in their own way and time.

No two people move forward with their lesson experiences

in the exact same manner.  The lessons and techniques are designed to allow a freedom for people to draw on and use

as it suites each person’s needs at any particular time.

Life never happens to a person or against a person because

all life situations are for a person’s re-uniting with the truth that has always been within them.


Some of the techniques and tools we engage in are

Meditation, Chi Gong, Yoga, and Energy Healing, reading of various spiritual books, creating spiritual support systems,

and the advantages of one’s own discipline and wisdom to achieve higher forms of connection with the indwelling

spirit of the individual. We also greatly use the

Sound Healing Device the Biologically Resonant Harmonizer

for it's unique ability to heal past issues, and bring peoplel

into a greater state of resonance.




Our History

The history begins with Mark C Seiver adopting

Second Earths logo originally as only  two earth symbol

with the infinity  rings wrapped around the two earths and then, beginning to write spiritual songs under the name

Second Earth starting 1977 with the song Second Earth. 

More songs were being channeled through Mark

culminating in a Merging of the light experience in

June 1982.   Then his lessons just really began.


Our history is the history of humanity’s own thirst to know

and experience the true self.

This knowledge is ancient knowledge coming forth in this

time frame as a revival of past practices and


We embrace this experience so that life can continue to thrive on Planet Earth and Beyond.


In practical terms, the words and symbol for Second Earth were brought into the consciousness of Mark C Seiver

in 1976, and has been held in intent and practice by Mark

until 2020 when Second Earth Foundation Ministries was formally organized and opened to the public to create a spiritual community and begin a movement of light and awakening unlike the planet has yet to experience.


Our Hierarchy

Mark C Seiver is the founder and head minister of

Second Earth Foundation Ministries.  As the church evolves, programs will be developed and completed to ordain

ministers and empower students to pass down knowledge

and help others.  While we recognize the importance of spiritual guidance, we acknowledge that true guidance

comes from within, and we are the true keepers of our own spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.


Weekly Gatherings


Each week we open our doors to gather in community with

like minded individuals, open our hearts and minds, and commune with the truth, the light, and the indwelling

spirit that we call God.  


                                    Play here on Earth,


                           Remember whom you truly are. 

                                           Enjoy Life!

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