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           $200.00 - $600 Rebate
     For Your Testimonial Videos

Please Watch Full Video for complete details.  7 Minutes

Review Summary

*Make & Email 1st Video within
  5 days of Receipt

     Take video as you are just getting up from
     the device or you will forget some details.
Send all video's to
     Subject:  Video 1
     Include your Order #

*Make & Email  2nd Video within
  5 days after 1st Video

  After someone has some time to think
what happened and there journey ,
  often more
realizations about that
  experience are remembered
  what they ment.  Also note any changes to

  Email Video - Subject Video 2
  Include your  Order #

* Make & Email 3rd Video within
  20 days of 2nd Video

   and before 30 days after receipt.  Often   
  the effects of the BRH are now more 
  apparent and this follow  up is important.

Email Video - Subject Video 3,  Order #

  To Qualify for the rebate you must send in 
  your 3 video's as described above and ON
  TIME ! A total of 30 days  after receipt.

  You will get your rebate within 5 business
  days after receipt of your Third Video.


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