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 Sound Frequency Healing
        Music Tracks Links  

Below are suggestions and examples of where to find
Frequency Embedded Music tracks , Ancient Healing Instruments, Chants

The First three video's I personally highley recommend !

I have found that each of them do
something different and powerful !

This First Track Chakra Ohms
is a Most Amazing Powerful Sound Track!

It is the Track you hear Playing In the Testimonial Videos
The first track below, is the Track that gave the people
you saw, all the healing and experiences.

It has been played more than 12 Million times.
If you only used this one track  with the

                          Biologically Resonant Harmonizer
                                   It would be so worth it !

But there are thousands of different types of
Embedded Sound Frequency Music Tracks that concentrate on different specific areas of Mind, Body, Spirit, Wellness Balancing and Healing and expanded experiences and abilities.  Enjoy Experimenting with some of them. 

Note* Each person is unique  configuration of complex 
              patterns .  People may experience varying and
              different affects, to varying degrees, just for them,
              from the same sound tracks.

Note* When you search for Healing Sound Tracks they
             are not all the same.  One track using Example:
             a 528hz as the base tone could have very different
             music on top of it and different feels to attempt the
             same type of outcomes.  Also the tones like 528hz
             can be used for and affect many different areas other
             than those mentioned in the description. Far More!

To search YouTube for sound healing tracks , put into YouTube searchbar,  Sound Healing and  then list your concern.

All of the recommended tracks are NOT Binaural Beats !
They are the frequency
straight tones.

This is important when wanting to get the correct
frequencies delivered through the device. !

For effectiveness we do not recommend
you use
Binaural Beats for the Biologically Resonant Harmonizer.

Click Below for Rife Frequencies Sequences that  that will deliver pure tones in groups, for specific Health concerns
for 1,400 Different Ailments. Additionally you can choose
a music track to overlay on the tones.

White Background.jpg
White Background_edited.jpg

Inner Lotus Music

                      Meditative Mind

ALL 7 CHAKRAS HEALING CHANTS | Chakra Seed Mantras Meditation Music

963Hz + 639Hz + 396Hz Open Up to the Universe
| 7h VERSION | Pineal Gland & Heart Chakra Sleep Music

IT'S HAPPENED! The Quantum Physics 40Hz
"MIRACLE" Repair Formula for MULTIPLE Conditions!

Pain Relief Sound Therapy for Chronic Aches and Pains -
Isochronic Tones

The DEEPEST Healing Frequency 》174 Hz 》Pain Relieving Sound Bath

528hz, Miracle Tone , Dna Repair & Healing,
Nerve And Cell Regeneration, Complete Body Healing

Spiritual Healing Sound Bath | Releasing Pain | Transformation | Awakening to Your True Self

The Deepest HEALING SOUND THERAPY, 28 Powerful Healing   Frequencies, KUNDALINI SACRED SPIRAL Music

Lovemotives Meditation Music

Crush Calories, Melt Away Body Fat | 741 Hz + 295.8 Hz 
Rapid Weight Loss & Abdominal Fat Reduction

ADHD Relief Music: Polyrhythmic Music for Focus and Studying

528hz Super Recovery Healing Frequency, Whole Body Regeneration, Cell, Nerve Damage Repair Healing

Clean Arteries | Regulate Blood Flow to Your Organs and Tissues

Remove Plaque from Arteries-741Hz

..... & Many More ....

The information provided above is created by the authors of the tracks.
We make no claims of the effectiveness of any of the particular tracks
we provide links for.  Also note that sound healing acts on a very
individual basis with many positive varying results.

Note*  Tracks even though they may claim to target  particular issues of people, resonant sound can affect a person in many positive ways. 
The same Hz frequencies, sound tracks can, depending, affect multiple
areas and not only those that are specifically mentioned. 

Our bodies are  a dynamic flow of many frequencies , wave forms , 
all interacting and affecting each other.  You could say that although
it is out of our hearing range , our bodies makes a symphony of sounds. When just one of the areas energy is disrupted that can and will affect other areas.
The Biologically Resonant Harmonizer is a way to balance out this
dynamic energy flow and interaction. 
When you are in balance and even on subtle levels you are putting out
good vibes, Everything works better, including how you bring your life
along and the varying good things that can come into it.  All from you humming healthfully and happier and in balance.  When you can clear
chaotic patterns of energy and replace those with Harmonic
Resonant patterns your intuition is stronger,your perceptions and abilities increase and you leave more space for ideas and knowledge that comes
from within you to be heard by and acted on by you. 

Each author has there own style of delivering the same frequencies. 
You as the user, should investigate those tracks that you like the most !


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