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This section will provide recommendations and links to a Vast Library 

of many powerful and beautiful soundtracks

that have embedded in them

Combinations of  Different Frequencies.

They cover a wide range of concerns in aiding the healing of the

   *Physical Body     *Emotional Well Being       *Spiritual

Sound Waves_edited.jpg

Chronic Pain Relief
Spinal Issues
Chronic Fatigue
Head Aches

Blood Pressure

Abdominal Fat
Clean Arteries

Rejuvenation of
cells & Anti Aging

Enhanced Sleep
  Issues Including




Mental Imbalances
  Improve Mental
Clarity and Focus

Energy Balancing
Feeling of Unity
Connection with
Higher Self
Departed Loved
Energy Flow
Life Force

Soul Travel
Meet Your Angels
  Finding Ones   
Having Life Flow
Lucid Dreaming
Thrid Eye Opening


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Step 3

cell phone app pic web.jpg

     App for your Phone &  Laptop

This Library of Links  provides a guide and some of the countless

number of Music embedded with specific frequencies, Sound Tracks that are available for Free.

Reports of People that have used the

Biologically Resonant Harmonizer Say that listening to

tracks using headphones alone

does not compare to being on The

Biologically Resonant Harmonizer

This recommended App has a

vast inclusive list of pure Frequency Tone Generated Combination Output, for working with almost every ailment imaginable. Just scroll down the list of 1,400

Ailments . Choose your concern . Set the minutes per frequency.  Start Play. We will show you exactly how to use this app. It is so easy. Get this with your password you will receive when you get the

Biologically Resonant Harmonizer

General Information, Sound Healing, The Basics

Everything  in our lives is affected by vibration, Frequency , Resonance

or lack thereof. When you are in the flow of harmonic energetic patterns, You might be amazed at how life can change.  How you can feel more alive. Then Life becomes more free flowing. Illness can

disappear and you become realined with Your Greater Purpose!

Where Does Illness Come From ?

Sound Healing is Ancient Knowledge, and today with new scientific
understanding of the use of varying frequencies , a holistic healing practice that uses the power of sound and vibration to bring about physical, mental and emotional healing. Illness is believed to come from an imbalance in a person's life force, which can be caused by a variety of factors. These factors include not eating healthy foods, being exposed to negative energies in the environment , negativity from others, unresolved issues from this life, childhood, past lives and blockages of energy in the subconscious mind. In addition, drugs and alcohol can also disrupt the flow of life force and lead to illness. Sound healing can help restore the balance of the life force and bring healing to any areas of imbalance. It works by restoring the life force energy and allowing the body to move back into its natural flow. Through the use of sound, sound healing helps to reduce stress, improve mood, and clear energy blockages. Additionally, sound healing can also help to restore balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit. Although sound healing by itself can 
be the catalyst for major change and healing in ones life
It is a good idea to aid the long term effectiveness of foods and herbs that can assist in restoring the body's natural energy balance. Another important part of sound healing can be the exploration of past lives and how they can be connected to energy blockages and trauma in childhood and past life. By using sound healing, individuals can work to release and heal these energy blockages and traumas, and restore balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

Manifesting and Sound Healing

Manifesting and sound healing go hand-in-hand. By being in a high, healthy energetic state and creating powerful energetic patterns through sound healing, you can manifest into your life more easily. Sound healing helps us to clear energetic blocks and create a more balanced and harmonious energetic field, which makes it easier for us to attract our desired outcomes. Through sound healing, we can raise our vibration and create powerful energetic patterns that support our manifesting goals. With a clear, focused intention and the power of sound healing, you can create a heightened energetic state that supports the manifestation of your dreams.

Can Sound Healing Help to Restore Health and lengthen Telomeres for Anti Aging ?

Yes, sound healing can help to restore health and telomere length. Research suggests that sound healing can reduce stress, improve mood, and even increase telomere length, which is associated with improved health and longevity. Studies have shown that sound healing can reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety. Furthermore, sound healing has been found to increase telomerase activity, which helps maintain telomere length. This can lead to better overall health and even increase lifespan.

 Can Sound Healing help with Arthritis and Spine Issues?

Sound healing can be an effective treatment for many types of Issues inducing  spine issues by providing a natural, non-invasive means of reducing pain and inflammation. Through the use of sound frequencies and vibrations, sound healing can help to improve the body’s natural healing process, reduce stress and tension, and increase blood circulation to affected areas. The vibrations from sound healing can also help to reduce stiffness, pain, and swelling, while promoting relaxation and balance throughout the body. Sound healing can be used in conjunction with other treatments to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis and spine issues.

Why would a spiritual organization promote
sound healing as part of the practice?

A spiritual organization may promote sound healing as a way to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.  If the Body, Mind , Spirit of a person has discordant energetic patterns within them.  This creates all kinds of issues, ranging from Mental problems, Traumas, Stresses, Physical problems and these NON harmonic patterns also disconnect you from receiving the flow of life force not only throughout your body but with your connection with higher aspects of your being and what we call God.   Sound healing helps to open the energy pathways to help restore this flow of life and create a deeper connection with aspects of ones own spiritual selves and God.  It can, reduce stress, and create a sense of calm and relaxation.  It is known to have the power to heal physical and emotional ailments, as well as to bring a deeper connection with the spiritual realm. Furthermore, sound healing can help to promote self-awareness and spiritual growth.  By incorporating sound healing into ones spiritual practice, an organization can create a supportive environment for members to explore and deepen their spiritual connection.

I can say experiencing the results of the many people who gave testimonial  videos and my own experiences that this is a WOW, Cool Amazing, Fun , Peace, and Deep Meaningful experience that people are having on the Biologically Resonant Harmonizer !


What Happened that had me Invent The
Biologically Resonant Harmonizer

 In 1982 I had a huge spiritual experience.  I merged with the light. Like an NDE but I did not go anyplace physically.  After that experience spirit is teaching me and contacting me telepathically throughout that summer. One of the things They told me about was about sound healing. and I had NO idea what on earth they were talking about.  Well I do know!
To hear the short story of exactly what lead up to this and what they said and my response >



Disclaimer:  The Biologically Resonant Harmonizer is a Healing Device, Not a medical device.  We use ancient Sound Healing knowledge as well as modern day knowledge to help the body regain balance and resonance. Although some forms of sound use for medical purposes is approved by the FDA this particular device is not.  Consult your health care practitioner for Medical knowledge and diagnoses. This can aid in your understanding medical issues that may help you when deciding what frequencies tracks might suit your particular circumstance. We do not diagnose or Treat disease. Note*  Sound Healing can affect positively the Mind , Body, Spirit Complex .

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