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Model #1111 Blue

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SKU:          xyopqurst
Category:  Well Being
Tags:         Sound Healing, Spirituality, Rife Frequencies

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* Size: 25"x 15.75"x 3" BRH Pad
*4 Channel Amplifier 30 w / Channel  Peak Power
* Blue Tooth  ( phone to amplifier )
* Power Adapter

* 8 Ft Wires,  Amplifier to BRH PAD
* Dual Play Earphone & Sound Pad
* 7 Chakra Stickers 3"

 * 2 Full Range Vibration Transducers   
60 hz to 20,000 hz  
2 Base Shaker Speakers        
20HZ to 200HZ 
* 24  Crystals Surrounding Speakers      
Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine  
* USB Flash Drive Memory 16 GB   
3.5mm Plug  ( phone to amplifier )  

Includes a 30 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty. Read our Shipping & Returns policy before ordering.
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