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  A Place Where Miracles Happen Every Day !

                                      We  Are Energy ! 
    We are connected to everything and everyone through light
         and wave forms.       This is our truth.                We are spirit !
               We are all amazing and beautiful beyond measure ! 

Intro to Second Earth Foundation Ministries - Mark C Seiver

This Website will take you on a journey to deeper aspects of yourself and your true nature.  A really wonderfull learning experience as you travel through what is offered here.  Some of our most biggest inner issues of Health, Connection to higher aspects of self and what we call God, Our relationships with others and our success and free flow in life are addressed in  many and expanding ways.

You can overcome major issues in your life.  And I dedicate myself
to bringing you some of the tools that can help you have a stronger
connection to your spirit and a happier,healthier,
more free flowing life.

The beginnings of this can happen so easily with very little effort on your part.  The Biologically Resonant Harmonizer could be
your answer!

Continue and find out how!

Mark C Seiver 

               The True Nature Of Reality !
                            Introduction :

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