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                  Call For Actors :

                 3 Female / 3 Male


To immediatly take on the rolls for

Episode 2 where the people turn

real in this episode.


1.. The Psychic Intuit

2.  The Blonde Bombshell

3.   The Tuffy New Yorker 


The site we are filming at is georgeous

and mysterious for
Zombie Pothead Attack Episode 2


So before the leaves begin to drop

 contact me right away.


 Please send a picture

of yourself and any resume if you have one.

 Only a cool look and you believing you can

play one of the parts and help gain and audience needed to apply. 


Especialy looking for the role of 

Kelly Grace to be the spokes person for the movie episodes.  


So guys and girls who want to have some fun

contact me through the contact page

above and I will get back to you as quickly

as possible.  


I Want to film this second episode

at this time.   


Thank You and good luck. 


Mark C Seiver 


For the Movie :

             "Run For Your Lives

           The Potheads Are Coming"  tm


Our first filming will be of the song. 

              "Uh Oh Uh Oh Oh

        While Smoking Marijuana"


From the mock up of the film you can see

that an incredible music video and dance

video can be created from this

song and beat. 


Looking for dancers and actors to film this number and then the opening of the movie. 

Please contact me at the above contact page with your information.   


Thank You 


Mark C Seiver S eio





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